Do not hesitate to contact us with any inquiries, suggestions, or corrections. We are strongly interested in the new acquisitions, and welcome any contributions to the Archive, like documents, photographs, reports, or manuscripts, in all languages, from all years.

  • Dr Ilya Martchenko
    Archive: founding researcher
    (phone) +46 720 040 270

Please note that the Archive is a retrospective, historical research project and cannot comment on opinions and views of past Organizing Committees, individual activists or participants.

For the requests concerning the today’s and future IYPTs, and the official position of the IYPT on any issue, please contact the Executive Committee, the responsible governing board of the competition.

We respect the importance of privacy of past participants and organizers and feel inappropriate to directly disclose anything beyond their names and publicly available social media profiles or professional webpages. We acknowledge, however, that many former participants are interested in social networking and reuniting old friends, and agree that ongoing communication contributes to historical transparency and future development of the competition.

Should you have any reasons to find and directly contact a particular person, just let us know and we will happily try to help.